The costs of assisted living at the CANINE CABANA are affordable.  We try to keep our costs well below local assisted living and nursing home care. The base monthly charge for the first month of long-term assisted living care is $3,750.  After the first month, the base monthly charge for a semi-private room (Two residents/room) is $2,500/resident.  The base monthly charge for a private room is $2,750 for the Ground Level Rear Bedroom and $3,000 for the Ground Level Front Bedroom.  The Ground level Double Occupancy Bedroom and bath can be occupied by one person as a private suite with a base monthly charge of $4,250.  These base monthly charges includes personal care and moderate assistance with Activities of Daily Living (ADL) such as bathing, dressing,  medication management and administration, as well as getting around.  The CANINE CABANA will provide residents certain personal care products such as toothpaste, body soap, and shampoo. 

The CANINE CABANA provides the following medical services to residents if ordered by a licensed healthcare provider:

·       Blood Sugar checking for diabetics

·       Supervision of  daily physical and occupational therapy exercises

·       Oxygen supervision and management as ordered by a physician


In addition, the CANINE CABANA provides the following services to all residents at no additional charge:

·       Admission to local attractions during scheduled outings

·       A credit of $10 towards each meal during outings to local restaurants

·       Assistance with insurance forms including Medicare and Medicaid

·       Hair, beard, moustache, and nail trimming

·       Overnight adult guest accommodation 12 nights/year as available

·       Personal Laundry Service

·       Scheduling of dental, medical, therapy, and vaccine appointments

·       Transportation to local medical appointments (52/year)

·       Transportation for our scheduled outings

·       Weekly measurement of weight, blood pressure, and heart rates
The base monthly charge does NOT include the cost of filling prescriptions for medications, services such as oxygen,  transportation off the Outer Banks for medical appointments, or insulin administration.
Each resident is expected to have some “mad money” to cover personal items such as cigarettes, clothes, stamps, post cards, etc.  Residents who wish to have additional money and/or valuables kept in our locked safe are welcome to do so.
Medicare and most insurance does NOT cover assisted living at present.  Once you become a long-term resident at the CANINE CABANA you will never be forced to leave because you require public assistance such as medicaid.