The CANINE CABANA is a safe place for everyone who lives and works here.  Our live-in Administrator/Owner is a retired North Carolina physician while our Supervisor is a retired North Carolina registered nurse.  There is ALWAYS a trained staff member present.
Some specific safety features include:
-Live-in staff are all non-smokers.
-The CANINE CABANA is a non-smoking facility.  Residents can smoke in one of three outside smoking area. 
-There are no open flames (lighters, matches, or candles) allowed within the Canine Cabana.
-Supplemental Oxygen use is STRICKLY monitored.
-The CANINE CABANA's siding is Hardiplank, a blown concrete, non-flammable material.  All Ground Level decks are concrete although there are some composite decking walkways to access our gardens.  All raised decks have composite planks, a wood-plastic composite that is less flammable than wood. 
-There are annually inspected fire extinguishers on both resident levels as well as by the deck grill.
-Multiple Smoke & Heat as well as Carbon Monoxide Detectors are located throughout the building.
-There are pull Fire Alarms with strobe and horn warnings on both resident levels.  These Fire Alarms are connected with Smoke & Heat Detectors and are continuously monitored.
-Our Fire Alarm consultant conducts quarterly Fire Safety Inspection and Drills at the Canine Cabana.
-The CANINE CABANA's Fire Safety & Evacuation plan is reviewed Annually with the local Fire Marshall.
-The main Nags Head Fire Department is within 2 miles of our Family Care Home.
  - Constructed in 2005, the CANINE CABANA's met or exceeded all Nags Head strict building codes. 
 -Backup power is supplied by a 15,000 volt Generator that is inspected quarterly and tested every week.   
 -Staff are CPR-trained.
 -The CANINE CABANA has a written Diaster Plan that is reviewed quarterly by staff & residents.
 -The Outer Banks Hospital is within a few blocks of us.
 -Emergency supplies, food, and water are stored on site.  
 -Family and friends can reach staff & residents by cell phone, house phone or high speed internet.